Pandora, unlike Greek mythology’s Pandora, this one is different.  Pandora is a musical app where people can stream, discover, listen to, and enjoy music to their tastes.  Unfortunately, this app is only available for US users and blocked or unavailable for others. But as the quality and utility of this app is far better than … Read more

How to Cancel Adobe Illustrator & Get a Full Refund 2023

Adobe Illustrator is the boss when it comes to programs for designing and editing vector graphics, and there aren’t many other competitor programs that have half as many features and tools to offer as Illustrator does. However, being an intensive program, many users have often found its complex learning curve to be difficult. In this … Read more

How to watch American Netflix from anywhere 2023

Netflix is one of the most popular American subscription streaming services and production companies, based in Los Gatos, California. Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, It has 222 million subscribers worldwide. With a revenue of 29.7 billion USD, this multinational company is ranked 115th on the Fortune 500 … Read more

How to watch MotoGP From AnyWhere 2023

All my MotoGP fans must be excited right now as it less than 2 weeks for the bikes to take off but still confused how to stream it live? Here is everything you need to know about it. DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, DIFFERENT MEDIUMS. Different parts of the country use different means to stream the race for … Read more

NordVPN LifeTime Plan in 2023 Offers, Sales, Deals

VPN attributes You’ll wonder why you never used a VPN before after discovering NordVPN’s outstanding security and privacy features. Here are some of the greatest ways we can keep you safe online, ranging from our unique server configurations and locations to NordVPN’s unique Threat Protection feature. Server locations for VPN More than 5000 VPN servers … Read more

Norton VS TotalAV- Which antivirus is best?

We have always faced confusion regarding which antiviruses to use for our computer. We look up for various antivirus in the internet but its always come down to probably most talked about antivirus. Norton and AV virus.  Both have exceptional detection rate with some add on features. But they are not entirely similar. For your … Read more