NordVPN LifeTime Plans 2024 Can you Get it?

Quickly: NordVPN LifeTime Plans (Only for those who has less time)

Sadly, there is no option for a lifetime subscription at this moment. The two-year package comes with the longest subscription that NordVPN has to offer.

In addition, it is the most affordable pricing plan, and it turns out to be significantly more cost-effective than a membership for a shorter period.

We Recommend Nord VPN as we have tested this Nord VPN and it does its job perfectly. You can take a free trial from the below link only.

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You’ll wonder why you never used a VPN before after discovering NordVPN’s outstanding security and privacy features. Here are some of the greatest ways we can keep you safe online, ranging from our unique server configurations and locations to NordVPN’s unique Threat Protection feature. NordVPN LifeTime Plan is here to save you some bucks the right way.

NordVPN LifeTime Plans: Can You Get It?

No, previously it used to offer lifetime deals, but now they have shut it down. Now they have yearly, 2-year-based plans at discounted pricing that you can easily take. However, if you want to test it out, you can take its trial version and get started with your streaming, gaming, or accessing geo-restricted sites.

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Server locations for VPN

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More than 5000 VPN servers are available from NordVPN in 59 nations. You can select a VPN server in a specific area based on your needs or connect to the quickest server and instantly change your IP address from the UK to Canada and Australia.

KILL switch

Kill Switch disconnects you from the internet in the event that your VPN connection is compromised. This ensures that none of your device’s traffic will be sent without encryption. Additionally, you may choose which applications you want to close when your VPN disconnects.

Threat Protection 

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Websites suspected to contain malware and phishing scams are blocked by the Threat Protection function. Simply check the box in the Settings window to enable it. It will help with ad blocking and virus protection.

Specialized Servers

Additionally, NordVPN provides specialized servers created to meet specific demands. Use the Double VPN function for more security to have your traffic routed through two servers rather than just one for double encryption.

Additionally, you can use NordVPN’s masked servers. These can make it difficult for ISPs to determine whether or not you are actually using a VPN. With only one click, you may start using a VPN by selecting a server from a certain area or the fastest specialist server.

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Three easy steps to using a VPN

1. Get a VPN application.

Choose your subscription, download the program, and then install a VPN once you’ve done your homework and chosen your VPN service.

2. Configure the VPN

Leading VPN services like NordVPN provide simple VPN programs that don’t require a lot of technical expertise to use. You only need to set up a VPN and provide your login information.

Additionally, you may use the VPN settings to enable or disable extra features like the Kill Swap, switch protocols, etc.

3. Establish a VPN connection

By selecting “Quick connect,” the NordVPN app will locate the ideal server for you. Additionally, you can select a server by scrolling down the server list or by clicking on a country pin to connect to that nation.

Utilizing NordVPN on many platforms

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The NordVPN app is available for Windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android. Here’s how to download NordVPN, set it up, and use it on each of these platforms.

On Windows, utilise a VPN.

  • Install a VPN on your Windows PC by downloading it. When you click Quick connect after logging into your account, you will be connected to the fastest server available. Additionally, you can tap a server on the map or choose it from the list of nations in the left menu.
  • The status will eventually change to Connected along with the server’s location and IP address.
  • Windows should provide a pop-up to let you know if the connection was successful.

On macOS, utilise a VPN.

On Android, utilise a VPN

  • Android users can either download an.apk file from our Android page or directly from the Play Store to get NordVPN.
  • To choose a server from the list of nations, scroll down or hit Quick connect in the app.

Using a VPN with iOS

  • Go to the App Store to download the NordVPN iOS app if you have an iPhone or iPad.
  • When you are connected, the country’s pin will turn green, you will see the message “Connected to (country)” and a VPN icon will show up at the top of your screen.


A premium service like NordVPN offers more features, services, and quality standards than free VPNs, so keep that in mind. Companies that don’t require a deposit are more likely to record and sell your data in order to turn a profit, and they won’t offer the protection and privacy you require.

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