How to Watch Friends (As Netflix US lost it) 2023

As you already know, you can’t find friends on Netflix because Netflix US is unable to renew its license.

However, you can stream your Favourite Friends on Netflix UK, Canada, Australia, NewZealand, Japan, Italy, France, etc.

But the main question is how can you watch friends on those netflix accounts. Its very easy, just install a Quality VPN after that you can change your current location to anywhere you want it to.

Even I have also Watched them with best Quality VPN available in market. All you have to change your current location to UK, Australia, or anywhere, where friends is available on Netflix.

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Why you need a VPN to Watch Friends?

Well this is pretty basic, Netflix US lost their license to broadcast Friends in united states. However, they still have license to stream in UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, etc.

Every Country has unique set of library installed on netflix, so you will have to go another country’s library to watch your favourite TV Show Friends.

Most of us relate Friends as not a TV Show but its an emotion. And We can’t miss a single episode of that Brilliance.

2 Best VPN to Watch Friends On Netflix

#1. ExpressVPN

This is the Fastest VPN to watch Friends without any buffer with Ultra HD Quality. I have also tested various VPN but I came up with this because I got better experience while using ExpressVPN.

Check some of the best features of ExpressVPN

  • Unlimited BandWidth to Watch Friends Overnight (Binge Watch)
  • Money Back Guarantee Within 30 days
  • Full Support 365 Days 24×7
  • Almost 3000+ Servers across the World including 96 countries.
  • Connect Upto 5 Devices and start streaming your fav TV Shows.

#2. CyberGhost VPN

It has dedicated servers where you can watch friends with different servers. They have special servers for Netflix only in UK and france. So you can easily stream your friends episodes, seasons there.

Highest speed you can get on those server is around 50mbps, and that is great for streaming anything Online.

Check best features of CyberGhost VPN

  • Unlimited Bandwidth for smooth streaming experience.
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee on this VPN
  • 365 Days Full Support with 24×7
  • 5500+ Servers around the world with 90 countries included.
  • Almost 7 devices connect realtime.

FAQ: Watch Friends On Netflix

Is Friends Available other than Netflix?

Yes, It is available on HBO Max. They have Official license to broadcast Friends on their platform.

Moreover, You can also watch them on Sling TV, AT&T TV Shows. But you will have to take premium subscription and their subscription is little bit costly.

Can I Watch Friends With Free VPN?

Sadly you can’t, because free VPN restrict bandwidth data, and they also don’t offer variety of locations.

Moreover, most of the free VPNs out there don’t actually use Virtual private network they only use proxy to redirect. In that case, You can’t access Netflix UK, they will know you are using proxy. So you can’t access them.

ExpressVPN Free Trial

Conclusion: Watch Friends on Netflix with VPN

The Only conclusion we came up with is use VPN to watch friends, there is no other way around. Just Install a solid VPN and start streaming with high quality Video.

You don’t have to leave Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and whole friends community. Just Get a Good VPN and enjoy their company from UK, France, Japan, Australia.

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