Can an iPhone Be Hacked? Yes? Steps to Protect 2023

Last Updated on July 19, 2023 by Dhruv Tiwari

Short Answer is yes, your iphone can be hacked by hackers. As iPhones keep increasing their security but hackers also find new ways to hack iphones.

So you should always be careful while going to random websites or open any random emails. Because those websites might contain some serious virus that can harm your iphone or steal your credit card or identity informations.

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Steps to Clean your Hacked iPhone

#1. Download an Antivirus

If you can still use your iphone and hacker hasn’t locked your iphone yet then do install antivirus as soon as possible. Because it will help you find where the hacker has put malicious code or script and delete them.

This is the best way to easily remove that virus and get your iphone access fast.

#2. Change Passwords

When you know that your iphone is behaving something weird, then this is the sign your iPhone is hacked. You will have to do in this situation JUST CHANGE PASSWORDS of everything, from your credit card pins to your insta, facebook, twitter, gmail every password you can think of.

Because they must have already got that information all they need is to access your accounts and use them against you.

#3. Delete Suspicious Apps

If you see any app that you haven’t installed then delete that app as fast as you can. Because if that app stays longer in your iphone it can create more backdoors in your iphone to access your iphone again in future.

Just make sure to delete that app and install antivirus and scan your whole iphone.

#4. Tell your Contacts

You will have to tell all your contacts that your iPhone has been hacked so if they get any message for asking money or asking any detailed credentials then don’t give it to them.

Because hackers can easily gain trust of your contacts from your whatsapp as your friends and family members would see you messaged them, but in reality that Hacker messaged them.

#5. Reset your iPhone

If you don’t have important files or your photos, videos then you can simply Reset your iPhone. It will delete everything except that you have backed up your files. However we don’t recommend this method. You can just install a Good antivirus and scan it.

How to Know if you iPhone is Hacked

  • Battery Drain: If your Battery keeps draining within 2 hours or less then you must be cautious that your iphone might be hacked. There are high chances they might be running some operation behind the screen.
  • High Data Usage: Higher internet usage means they are using it for some mining cryptos or maybe some other reason god knows.
  • Unusual Popup Ads: If you keep seeing ads on your screen out of nowhere then this is the perfect time to install antivirus and get rid of that virus.
  • Texts or Calls you haven’t made: Most of the times you knew who you called, when you called. However, if there is some unknown number or your known number then you would know that your iphone is hacked.
  • Unknown Apps: If you don’t know the app that it is installed in your iphone then you must be sure that there is something wrong.

There are many more ways to know if your iPhone is hacked however these are the best ways to know if you are non techy.

How to Prevent from Hacking your iPhone

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  • Always Visit Trusted Website: Visiting trusted website is one of the best ways to prevent from your iphone to be hacked.
  • Don’t Connect Public WiFi: You should never connect to public wifi as there are many other people that are connected and some of the people are hackers trying to get your precious information.
  • Don’t JailBreak iPhone: Never Ever jailbreak your iPhone if you are non techy because Hackers might sneak into your iPhone and do whatever they want with that.
  • Don’t Download Third Party Apps: Downloading third party app is very dangerous because you knew you installed it and you would never know that your credentials are out there for selling in dark web.


There is no hard and fast rule, I have explained everything in detail just make sure to follow all the guidelines to not get hack. However if you are hacked then follow above things to be free from that virus.

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