What is NordLynx? (An Ultimate Guide 2023)

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NordLynx is a new technology provided by NordVPN. They officially announced that it is a VPN protocol “the most significant technological improvement ever introduced”.

I thought that is a solid claim they are making and I must test it out for tour trestle gallery audience. So they can learn more about this NordLynx protocol.

When I tested this protocol, I was really hoping that it would live up to the claim that they are making, otherwise it would be a disaster for NordVPN. But to my surprise, it was up to the mark and did really well.

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what is nordlynx? how to use it?

It is super fast, secure, lightweight, everything you can imagine in a vpn protocol. Even it surpassed OpenVPN, Ikev2, the 2 most trusted VPN in the market.

Many VPN experts are suggesting to use OpenVPN because nordlynx is new in the market and it might be having some serious loop holes. But It has many pros that we can ignore few cons while using Nordlynx.

What is NordLynx?

In Simple Words, NordLynx is new improved VPN protocol that helps users to connect to different servers faster, Increase Connection speed, and Keeps your information anonymous while doing any online activity. You can use NordLynx on Android, Windows, Mac, IOS, Linux, etc.

VPN Protocol is set of rule that helps the connection between VPN Client to VPN servers. The Most trusted protocols are OpenVPN, Ikev2, and Wireguard. Different type of VPN Protocol serve the different purpose.

Like as OpenVPN is the most secured protocol so that you can use it for security purposes, you will know that it won’t get hacked because of its robust technology.

NordLynx is built on Wireguard tech, it is one of the fastest protocols, but it has some issues with security. However, NordLynx helps Wireguard with their NordVPN security to get the best out of them. You will get great speed from Wireguard tech and security from NordVPN. That’s what keeps them separate from their competition.

Check NordLynx

How Does NordLynx Works?

As we have discussed above NordLynx uses Wireguard tech, so you must understand How Wireguard works in the first Place.

Actually WireGuard is made up of 4000 line of codes compare to OpenVPN that is 70000 Lines.

Now See that’s what keeps wireguard fast enough because it renders less codes, and requires less energy so your battery life won’t get affected, Less Bugs, and Less is more if you heard that quote.

Wireguard gives you static IP that’s their security concern. Means you will get only 1 IP address and that is stored in Wireguard’s servers, as it can lead to security breach. Any hacker can put malware there and your IP will be exposed, they will steal your information. That’s they reason alone wireguard is not accepted by VPN experts.

So that’s how NordVPN saw the opportunity and created NAT system (Network Address Translation). With the help of this method, user’s IP is stored in external database. It also changes the IP for each session they connect.

Now NordLynx allow connection without storing any true IP address to their server. And They have 0 Log Policy that they don’t store single data from their users.

Is NordLynx the same as NordVPN?

NordLynx is a VPN protocol built with WireGuard Technologies. The main purpose of NordLynx is that it helps you connect VPN faster and smoother, without having to worry about security and privacy.

NordLynx Pros & Cons

its Free with NordVPN its New in market
Full Support 24/7
Full Secure
Ultra Fast

How to Disable NordLynx

You can easily disable NordLynx protocol, by going to NordVPN Settings.

  1. Go to Settings in NordVPN App
  2. Check in Auto Connect Menu, Always when the App Launches turned Off
  3. Auto Connect on WiFi should be OFF to work it out.
  4. Choose a VPN Protocol and server should also be OFF.
  5. In VPN Protocol, Select OpenVPN UDP Recommended.
  6. Now, Click on trust this network

After these settings NordLynx won’t be able to connect unless you enable it again.

NordLynx No Internet Access

Sometimes, you will get this kind of error. But you can work it out by restarting NordVPN.

or you can just restart your PC. However, if it doesn’t fix your issue then you might have to rethink and change your VPN provider. In my Case ExpressVPN does the job pretty well.


So here is a quick guide for: What is NordLynx? If you still have any questions, such as how to install and use it, it appears that I have covered almost everything. Let me know in the comments below.

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