Tails: What Is It and Can I Use It as a VPN? 2024

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Tails is a Linux operating system that routes all traffic over Tor to keep you anonymous and secure online. However, tails may not be sufficient for complete protection. Therefore, I examined whether Tails supports the use of a VPN to enhance security.

Depending on the configuration, the use of VPNs with Tails may increase security. A VPN over Tor network safeguards your traffic at the exit node, whereas a Tor over VPN configuration conceals your IP address from the Tor network.

Nevertheless, you must utilize a reputable VPN, given that certain VPNs may record your activity and thus compromise your privacy.

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Do you need a vpn with tails? There are many questions come in mind when we hear tails. Don’t worry you will get to know everything about tails in this article.

In this era of high-end technology, where cybercriminals are so powerful and are hacking data and software every day, it is essential to have the correct tools to keep people safe while using the internet’s resources. Tails, a Linux OS that claims to keep you private while online, is one such instrument.

Another instrument that has extra safety and security attributes to ensure your safety and protect your privacy is a virtual private network (VPN). Merging a VPN with Tails can provide powerful protection against data leakage. 

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What exactly does Tails do? 

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Tails is a Linux-based operating system based on Debian that focuses on privacy and security. This transparent operating system takes every effort to keep its users secure and safe while using it. To do this, Tails has a rule that all internet traffic must go through Tor, which is a secure browser in and of itself.

It also inhibits any web traffic that does not go through Tor in order to safeguard its users’ anonymity and privacy. Tor allows web traffic to pass via multiple nodes or servers before arriving at its final destination. The destination and source IP addresses change each time data passes through a node until it reaches its final destination. 

Tails was first launched in June of 2009. The Tor Project was an initial financial supporter of the Debian-based operating system. It comes with pre-configured apps and doesn’t communicate with the operating system of your device. This inhibits it from dropping any traces of its presence on your OS after you have finished using it and restarted it. You can easily install it on your computer because it can be booted from a USB switch or disc drive. 

Is Tails safe? 

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Tor works to ensure your confidentiality, but it does not completely protect your data. It encrypts your information as it travels through the onion channel but then discards it once it reaches the last node. While someone trying to spy on your system will be unable to see the material of your data as it travels via multiple nodes, they will be able to successfully access your information if they understand the very last node it exits. As a result, Tails only serves to protect you if the exit node through which your data passes is unidentified to malicious activities. 

Can VPN be used with tails? (do you need a vpn with tails?)

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No, VPNs should not be used with tunneling because they provide a permanent entry or exit point, which means that instead of being designated different nodes for every time you connect, your entire connection is routed via one static IP address via the VPN. The loop would not know the real IP address because of the connection bounce between nodes when using Tor, but if a user employed a VPN with it, the VPN provider would have access to all the information. This implies if the user wants to employ VPN with Tor, the user must take precautions to safeguard his privacy. 

Working with a premium VPN correctly with Tails will provide you with additional confidentiality and ensure that your personal data is safe. Free VPNs frequently use insecure encryption, leaving your personal information vulnerable to leakage. Several of them may also export your personal data to third parties in order to earn money, which negates all of your efforts to remain untraceable by using a VPN as well as Tails.


By using a VPN to protect your location data and routing your link through the Tor browser, it becomes nearly impossible to trace your web traffic back to you.

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To protect customer data, only use a reputable, secure VPN. You can be self – assured that your data is secure when you connect to premium servers thanks to its assured zero-logs strategy and military-grade encryption. Furthermore, thanks to its simple configuration guides, you can begin surfing the web with Tails easily. 

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