How to Delete Reddit Account Permanent 2024

Quickly: How to Delete Reddit Account Permanent (Only for those who has less time)

Log in to Reddit. Reddit should be opened in your web browser. To view your profile photo, click on it. You may access your profile image by going to the top-right corner of the screen and clicking on it.

Select the User Settings option. Click the Delete Account button after scrolling down. Please enter your unique username and password. Just mark the box. Make use of the Delete button. Click the Delete button.

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Well, in this guide, I will tell you how to delete your Reddit account. There are many reasons people don’t want to use Reddit.

They have a lot of conspiracy theories, and they sell their data secretly. So you will have to use a VPN to secure your data on Reddit. If you can’t use a VPN, then I will also suggest you delete your Reddit account immediately.

Reddit has default settings for advertising and using user’s data enabled; if you want to opt out, you can do that. But the majority of the users don’t know how to do that. They use their data for almost anything you can imagine.

When users become aware that their data is being used or manipulated by Reddit’s privacy policy, most of their users don’t want to continue using Reddit. That’s when they decided to delete your Reddit account.

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If you remember, in 2016, when Donald Trump was elected, their subreddit had a lot of conspiracies. And they manipulated most of the data after taking money.

Deleting Vs DeActivate

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Reddit doesn’t have a feature to deactivate a user’s account. Deactivate means disabling your account on a temporary basis. So if you delete your account, you won’t be getting your account back. All your data will be deleted from their database.

Except comments, your username won’t be visible It will be visible as deleted. Moreover, you won’t be able to sign up with the same username again, nor will anyone else. So Always keep in mind that your favourite username might not be available after that.

If you want to download your data, you will have to contact their customer support, and they will combine all the data and then give it to you.

How to Delete Reddit Account Permanently

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#1. Visit your Reddit account and sign in there with your username and password.

#2. Click on the User Icon, now click on User setttings.

#3. Scroll to the bottom, now you will see DeActivate Account Click on it.

#4. Now it will again ask you for username and password, enter your details and Tick I Understand Deactivated accounts are not recoverable , Click Deactivate.

#5. It will again ask you for confirmation about This Action cannot be undone. Deactivate account. Just Click on Deactivate Account.

#6. Now, your Reddit Account is Permanently Deleted.

FAQ – Delete Reddit Account Permanently

Can I Recover Deleted Reddit Account?

No, As I have already explained above you cannot recover it from reddit. However, there are many companies that offer recovery of an account but in Reddit’s Case, you cannot.

How to Deactivate Reddit Account?

Well Just signin to your account, Go to users settings there you will see Deactivate Account. Click on it. Accept their terms and enter username and password one more time. That’s it.

Do Reddit share Data with Third Party?

Well yes, they sell your data to other parties that’s how they make money.

So Use VPN to secure your Identity and mask your location.


So Now I have already shared how you can delete your Reddit account. There are many things that you can gain things like your data won’t be shared with third party sites anymore.

So your identity is secure, and they can’t sell you to others. If you have any questions, just comment down below to get answers to your questions.

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