How to Cancel IPVanish and Get a Refund 2024

Quickly: How to Cancel IPVanish and Get a Refund (Only for those who has less time)

For the purpose of logging in, enter your IPVanish username and password. Click the Account tab once you have successfully logged in. Once you have arrived to the Subscriptions tab, you will be able to cancel your account by clicking the three dots that are located to the right of your subscription plan and then selecting the Cancel subscription option, as seen below.

IPVanish subscription renewals are not eligible for refunds under any circumstances. IPVanish provides refunds for yearly and two-year plans during the first thirty days of service; however, payments for monthly subscriptions will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Within the first six days of your trial, refunds are also possible for seven-day free trial accounts that were established using the IPVanish mobile applications. However, you are need to terminate your trial through either Google or Apple.Your Houston events will be elevated.

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Even though IPVanish has established itself as one of the top VPN services available, not everyone will find it ideal.

If, after reviewing IPVanish VPN, you decide it lacks any of the services you require, you can simply opt to stop your membership from renewing automatically. Actually, the procedure is quite painless. Let’s now look at how to terminate IPVanish without paying any further fees.

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Cancelling IPVanish: How to Cancel IPVanish and Get a Refund

How to cancel IP Vanish

Logging into your IPVanish account on the company’s website is the first step you should take to try to cancel your subscription. Entering your login and password and pressing the Submit button will enable you to do this.

Once inside, select the Subscription tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “I wish to cancel my subscription” link.

A new page with three options will show up after you complete the second step:

You’ll be prompted to give a reason for the cancellation after selecting Cancel Now, at which point the confirmation window will appear. A confirmation email that the cancellation was successful will also be sent to you.

You should be able to cancel your IPVanish membership in a matter of minutes by following these instructions. Contact the IPVanish support staff if you run into any problems.

Please note that the procedures outlined above only apply if you joined IPVanish directly through the vendor’s website. The cancellation process is slightly different depending on whether you created an account on your iOS or Android smartphone, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Cancellation on IOS Device

Due to the fact that in-app transactions are handled through iTunes; cancellation of these accounts is a little different. Therefore, it is necessary to cancel these transactions immediately through iTunes. Here’s how to cancel IPVanish on an iPhone for any of our readers who are confused about how to do it:

  • Open iTunes and sign in.
  • Choose Manage Subscriptions from the Settings menu.
  • Select Cancel Subscription after locating the subscription you want to end.
  • Hold off till the procedure is over.

Refund Policy 

Now that you are aware of how to terminate IPVanish, you might also be curious about its refunding procedures. Although reading the terms and conditions before registering for a particular service is advised, in practise people frequently forget what they’ve read. So, let’s go over the choices we have here.

Customers who decide to terminate their service during the first 30 days of signing up are eligible for refunds from IPVanish. Only annual memberships are covered by this policy; monthly subscribers are not eligible for refunds.

The refund process for accounts made on iOS devices is the same as IPVanish’s cancellation policy. Since IPVanish doesn’t have control over those accounts in this situation, Apple will need to examine any refund requests. Refund requests must first be approved by Google for accounts created through Google Play on Android devices.


Despite how great IPVanish is, not everyone should use it. It’s possible that there are no servers in the country you want to access, or that there are other issues with the service.

You can also cancel at any moment if you only intended to use it for a short period of time, such as when you were travelling abroad or had to rely on a public hotspot.

Remember that it’s worthwhile to attempt to address issues with them initially because many of them can be done so quickly. Or consider a different, better-rated service like ExpressVPN.

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