How to fix call of duty Mobile lagging or freezing, FPS Drop issue 2024

Quickly: How to fix call of duty Mobile lagging or freezing, FPS Drop issue (Only for those who has less time)

Adjustments to optimize performance on both your device and the game In order to save the life of the battery, the power saving mode on your phone may force your phone to operate at a decrease in speed.

Check to see that the power saver setting on your device is switched off. While you are playing the game, you should also make sure that your graphics settings are dialed down to a low level in order to achieve the greatest possible performance.

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Call of Duty mobile Is a player vs player (PvP) game which is played by millions of players around the Globe 

But some of the gamers have reported lagging, freezing, or stuttering issues. If you are also experiencing the same problem, please make sure that your handheld device is powerful enough to run the game.

How to fix call of duty Mobile lagging or freezing issue

Minimum hardware requirements for CODM

For android: should at least have 2 GB ram (4GB or higher highly recommended) android version 5.1 or better 

For iOS: You should at least have iPhone 7 or newer iOS version 9 or higher

If your handheld device meets all of the requirements above but the game still lags then you have came into right place to fix this issue 

Fix 1: Lower the graphics settings 

Using the high graphics settings on your handheld device can cause it to heat up during long sessions of gaming. The phone has to lower its performance to cool itself down; this alone can cause major lag, stuttering, and freezing issues. We recommend low graphics with medium frame rate and you can also try turning off real-time shadows and ragdolls, as these settings also puts a strain on mobile phone 

Fix 2: Use wifi

Using a wifi with a speed of at least 4 Mbps is always recommended for mobile gaming, as using the wifi reduces the overall load on the hardware and is also more reliable than mobile data 

Fix 3: Clear the game cache 

You can always try clearing game cache or data because cache and data can stack up on your device and take a lot of space Although it shouldn’t be a problem if your phone already has enough storage space available, you should give it a try   Here’s how to do it:

Go to settings > select storage > apps > select Call of duty mobile > clear the cache or user data

Fix 4: Lowering phone’s screen resolution 

If your phone supports the option to lower the in-game screen resolution, then you should try lowering it. When you lower the resolution of the screen, your device will have to work less because there are fewer pixels to be processed. And also, your device will heat less, which is also good.

Fix 5: Remove useless apps from your mobile device 

Call of duty Mobile just  needs 2GB of ram to run without a problem but it’s always good to remove useless apps from your device as they can be stay open in background and eat your RAM 

Fix 6: Reboot the device 

Sometimes something as simple as rebooting the phone can solve problems that advanced troubleshooting cannot. Because rebooting refreshes mobile device and can prevent further software failures, which is good for your phone and apps 

Fix 7: Using VPN 

Using VPN might sound pointless in this particular case, but It can really help since there are many players around the world playing the game and some of the servers can be overloaded, which can cause lagging, stutters and freezing issues in the game VPN can help you connect to the different servers in different regions that have fewer people playing on them. Please note that VPN can be unstable if you are connected to a server too far away from you. So a high-speed connection is highly recommended.

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FAQ on CODM Lag, Ping, and FPS drop Fix

What if CODM lagging but internet is fine?

There are many reasons to it,
1. Low Specs
2. Low internal storage
3. Far away servers

Fixes are pretty simple for this issue
1. Upgrade your Android or iPhone.
2. Agin for internal storage issue you will have to delete or upgrade your device.
3. Use VPN and select location where CODM servers are physically present. It will surely fix the issue, you can try ExpressVPN Free Trial for that.

What if COD Mobile Lagging after Update?

Most of the times Update comes for COD Mobile but developers release it with some bugs. So it starts lagging on some devices.

All you have to do to solve this issue is just give review in App store or Play store for the new update Lag issue or you can wait for the patch new updated version of the solved issue.

How to Fix Lag in COD Mobile 4GB RAM?

Well, only RAM can’t help you fix the issue and make your game without FPS drop.

There are several other factors that you might have to consider. Like Graphic Card, Storage, Processor, Server Locations, etc.

If all the specs are perfect in your device then you can try ExpressVPN Free Trial and select nearest server of COD Mobile to get the best ping and lag Free gaming experience.

If the Issue still persists 

If all else fails, the problem might be with your mobile phone. Even if you have more than enough RAM available on your device, there are still many factors responsible for lagging, stuttering, freezing and some other issues with the game, such as an outdated processor, mobile device, and storage, which cannot be fixed. So It’s time to upgrade your mobile phone.

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