How to fix lagging/stuttering issue in GTA 5 Online 2024

Quickly: How to fix lagging/stuttering issue in GTA 5 Online (Only for those who has less time)

Please check the Minimum Requirements for the System. In order to function properly, every game requires a minimum system requirement. Unnecessary programs that are running in the background should be terminate

Run Grand Theft Auto 5 as an administrator. Disable the Full-Screen Optimization feature. Configure the Game Settings for Grand Theft Auto 5. Update your graphics driver to the most recent hardware firmware.

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There are many issues in the popular open-world game GTA 5, and stuttering is the most common one. In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the GTA 5 stuttering issue.

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How to fix lagging or stuttering issue in GTA 5 Online

How to fix lagging/stuttering issue in GTA 5 Online

About this stuttering issue 

GTA (Grand theft auto 5) Is a popular open world game developed by Rockstar North. There are many players who have suffered from this issue and can’t play the game because of it 

Your game can lag, stutter or skip frames for many different reasons like some unnecessary background process or lack of cooling inside your system, outdated drivers etc, but don’t worry if your PC meets the minimum system requirements for this game it’s easy to fix 

GTA 5 minimum system requirements 

  • Operating system : windows 11,10,8,8.1,7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3470  3.2GHz (4 cores) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz (8 cores)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.Dual channel recommended 
  • Graphics: A dedicated Graphics card required. 
  • Storage: 120 GB available space.

Fix #1. Verify the integrity of game files 

Some of the game files can get corrupted while installing the game and can contribute to lagging or stuttering of the game.

1. Open steam > Right click on GTA 5

2. Go to properties > Local files

3. Verify integrity of game files 

It will take some time to complete the process when you’re done open the game to see if your issue is solved

Fix #2. Run the game as administrator 

Your game might not have the access to some critical game files on the PC by running the game as administrator may solve the problem 

  1. Right click on the GTA 5 icon
  2. Click on properties 
  3. Click on compatibility tab
  4. Select run this program as administrator box

Now open the game to see if the issue still persists 

Fix #3. Lower graphics settings 

Using a very high Graphics settings can put a strain on your graphics card and cause it to heat up to counter overheating. Your graphics card lowers the clock speed of the GPU. To solve this problem you can try reducing graphics settings and if you don’t wanna lose visual quality too much you can lower other intensive settings such as grass quality tessellation post processing etc. these settings are GPU intensive but they don’t have much of a impact on the visuals 

Fix #4. Update your graphics driver 

Believe it or not, an outdated or corrupted graphics driver can also lead to stuttering and lagging issues in many video games. If you haven’t updated your graphics driver in a long time It’s finally time to do it 

Fix #5. Close useless background apps 

If your PC has 8GB ram or less, closing background apps with high resource usage can improve the performance by a lot. It’s always a good idea to close unnecessary background apps before running the game cause it can cause serious frame drop and stuttering 

Here’s how you do it 

Step>1 Press ctrl+shift+esc to open task manager 

Step>2 At the bottom of the task manager click on More details 

Step>3 Under the processes tab click on the process with the highest resource usage at the bottom left click end task

Note> Don’t end task the process of some vital tasks such as, Windows Explorer ,antivirus, Windows logon application,Windows startup application, etc cause ending the process of these tasks might cause your system to crash completely 

Fix #6. Use VPN

Most people who play GTA 5 online experience ping and lag. Well, if you connect to the outer server of GTA 5 Online, then you will of course notice these issues.

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So If your Country doesn’t have their own servers for GTA 5 Online then you can use Good VPN that will help you connect with US Servers, UK, Australia, etc. And your ping issues will be sorted after that.


So Now I have described everything in detail on how you can fix lagging, ping, issues in GTA 5. If you still getting issues with frame drops and packet loss then comment below I will surely help you find out the main issue for your PC.

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