[Fixed] How to fix PUBG connection Timeout error (PC & Mobile) 2023

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PUBG connection timeout error doesn’t let you enter a match.

In many cases the problem is caused by antivirus, firewall or your ISP (internet service provider) itself.

However you can try steps below to tackle the issue 

Player unknown’s battlegrounds is a famous free to play battle royale game developed by krafton and it’s played by millions of people on different  platforms across the world 

But there is a problem that some gamers can face which is a connection timeout error.

Before going forward please make sure that your PC matches the minimum system requirements for PUBG because PUBG is a very graphics intensive game and requires a beefy PC to run 

PUBG minimum system requirements 

fix PUBG connection Timeout error
  • Operating system: windows 10,11,8
  • CPU: intel core I5-6600K/ AMD R5 1600 or better
  • Ram: 16/8 Gb ram Dual channel recommended
  • Graphics card: Geforce GTX 1060 3GB/ AMD rx580 4GB
  • Storage: 50Gb free disk space required SSD highly recommended 
  • Network: 3Mbps or better

What’s causing the connection timeout error in PUBG? 

A slow or unstable Internet connection: might be causing this issue however some background tasks such as antivirus or even firewall might be altering the connection between game and server 

Playing from a restricted location: might also stop you from playing the game

How to fix this PUBG PC connection Timeout error issue?

Follow the instructions below to solve this issue 

Fix #1. Try using VPN

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Using a good  VPN (virtual private network) can help you entering the match much quicker as it changes the route of your network to more secure servers and it also protects your private data 

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Fix #2. Verify the integrity of game files

While installing the game some of the game files may get corrupted and can stop you from entering a match If that’s the case then this method can solve your issue 

Go to steam > right click on PUBG.

Click on the local files tab > select verify integrity of Game files.

Doing this will reacquire game files which may have gotten corrupted 

Fix #3. Disable the antivirus

Although it’s not recommended, some antivirus softwares can restrict or block the connection from the game server  which causes slow speeds and connection timeout issues. Disable the antivirus and check if the problem is solved 

That’s how you turn off windows defender antivirus on your windows PC 

1> Click on start and  search “windows security” 

2> Select the windows security app from the search results go to Virus & threat protection,

And below the Virus & threat protection settings click on Manage settings.

3> Turn real time protection off

 Open the game to see if the issue is solved.if the issue is solved try using a different anti-virus 

Fix #4. Disable the firewall

Just like we didn’t recommend disabling anti-virus we don’t recommend disabling the firewall either but firewalls may also block the connection.

A mis-configured firewall may also cause this issue.

Disable the firewall that might stop your game from connecting to servers.

Below are CMD commands (Open CMD prompt as administrator and type command below)

To check the firewall status:

netsh advfirewall show all profile state

 To turn on or off the  firewall:

Netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state on (firewall enabled)

Netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off (firewall disabled)

If disabling the firewall solved this issue then you should use different firewall instead of your current one 

Fix #5. Contact your ISP

If all else fails, you should try contacting your ISP to check if the problem is in their end. Try opening the game using a different broadband connection or your mobile data; if the game connects, then the problem is with your ISP (internet service provider). They may be blocking some ports required by the game to connect to the servers. Ask them to fix it.

Fix #6. Reinstall PUBG

You can try reinstalling PUBG, most of the time it happens because of some corrupted file or bugged file.

And it doesn’t fix the issue with verifying the files. So all you gotta do is just reinstall PUBG and it basically fixes the pubg connection timeout error.


These are all the methods from which you can easily be able to fix pubg connection timeout error. However, if you still have the issue then you can comment down below your issue in detail so that I can look into this matter as soon as possible and provide you better solution.

You can choose best VPN below for location or server change to get good ping or solve this connection timeout issue.

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