Top #3 Best Free and Public DNS Servers 2023

Are you looking for the best public DNS servers? Then this is the perfect place for you to start with. I still remember the day when I spent almost 4 hours finding the best working DNS servers online. I don’t want you to face the same scenario as me. This is why I am writing an article about the best free and public DNS servers that you can use to increase your internet speed if you are facing a slow internet connection.

Before we go any further, I would highly suggest you remember that these are public DNS servers. Any hacker can try to hack them, so always use a VPN to secure your privacy. If you don’t want to risk it, you can always go with the paid DNS servers available online.

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Best Free and Public DNS Servers You can use now

#1. Google Free and Public DNS Servers

google public dns server

Not many know about it but Google also provides the best and most free public DNS servers for users around the world which needs no registration. You can use the Google DNS server as much as possible because there are not any request limits. Google is a trillion-dollar company known for its security so you can use trust their servers. They keep their users safe from cyberattacks like DoS attacks.

One of the best things about using Google Public DNS servers is that your IP address gets deleted within 48 hours so your data can’t be saved by Google.

  • Primary Google DNS Address:
  • Secondary Google DNS Address:

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#2. Cloudflare Free and Public DNS Servers

Cloudflare dns server

Cloudflare is one of the best web performance and security companies in the world and thousands of websites use its services. I personally use Cloudflare free DNS servers from time to time when my internet speed is not working properly or if I am facing slow internet speed.

If you play games and face slow internet speed, you should definitely give Cloudflare public DNS servers a chance. They are reliable and provide good speed, especially for gaming. Just like Google, Cloudflare also doesn’t collect your data and your IP address get deleted within 24 hours.

  • Primary Cloudflare DNS Address:
  • Secondary Cloudflare DNS Address:

#3. OpenDNS Free and Public DNS Servers

Open Dns Server

The main USP of using OpenDNS servers is that you can easily filter out 18+ content (adult content) and make it safer for children in your family. In order to use OpenDNS servers, you have to create a free account. Once of getting access to your account, there are lots of filters to choose from. Whenever I use OpenDNS servers I always make sure to turn on the adult content filter to keep my children safe from unwanted websites.

OpenDNS servers are very easy to use this is why it comes at the third position on this list also you can do more customization like deleting your date by yourself and other things.

  • Primary OpenDNS Address: Basic | Family Shield
  • Secondary OpenDNS Address: Basic | Family Shield


One should always have knowledge of DNS servers, DNS servers come in very handy sometimes. Whenever you are facing a slow internet connection, you can always use these free and public servers to make your internet speed better. You can also add them to your Kodi addons for better streaming.

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