5 Best Kodi Addons 2023 (That Actually Works)

If you know about the best Kodi addons, then you probably like to watch or stream movies or web series. However, most Kodi addons don’t work, and some of them include malicious codes that may harm your PC.

Some of the addons doesn’t give perfect streaming it always buffer so most of the time kodi is not working. I will give you best kodi addons that works with almost every ott services such as netflix, disney+, etc.

Each of the addons works with Kodi 18 Leia version and earlier. So without wasting any of your time lets jump over to working kodi addons that works for everyone.

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Top 5 Best Kodi Addons for Movies and Web TV Series

#1. Netflix

Best Kodi Addons

You can watch Netflix through Kodi CastagnaIT addon, however netflix hasn’t launch their official addon. This addon works with US, UK, Australia and Japan Netflix Libraries.

This CastagnaIT addon is unofficial but it works perfectly fine. It doesn’t buffer and gives awesome experience in watching 4k or FHD films and tv series. This Addon is best in security as well, you can easily login your official Netflix account through this portal.

It uses HTTPS secured connection to secure your credentials, so you can easily rely on this Kodi.

Repository NameCastagnaIT
Working Kodi URLhttps://fusion.tvaddons.co/

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#2. Disney+ (Disney Plus Kodi Addon)

Best Kodi Addons

UnOfficial disney+ Kodi addon is here for you with SlyGuy Repository Name. It is also High qualty Kodi addon that you can count on, It also stream videos without any buffer with 4k or HD.

Slyguy also has high security that is best for every user so that they can watch without having any issue for their credentials. You can easily search from that repository and watch your fav movies or tv series.

They keep on updating their security measures or bugs in their repository. Their developers are actively giving more and more powerful Kodi addon for their users.

Repository NameSlyGuy
Working Kodi URLhttps://k.slyguy.xyz/
CountriesUS, UK, India, Ireland, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Canada,
Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland

#3. Exodus Redux

Best Kodi Addons

Exodus Redux is good repository for streaming movies and web series. It also has good security measures so that your data is perfectly secure them. However this is third party kodi addon so you should always be careful while giving out your precious information.

While surfing through endless videos and movies I personally liked this repository Kodi addon. Most important thing is that you should not watch any copyrighted content from it, because we are here to give you only for educational purpose. Many of the users misuse it to watch copyrighted content or do piracy with it.

Repository NameExodus Redux
Working Kodi URLhttps://i-a-c.github.io/
CountriesWhole World

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#4. Venom

Best Kodi Addons

Venom has huge library to watch you can watch thousands of content, however make sure to not watch any copyrighted material.

It has very easy search engine which gives instant results with what you want to watch. Good streaming quality makes it much more fun to watch with friends and family.

However you should be careful while giving out your data to those third party kodi addons. Always use VPN to protect yourself in this online world.

Repository NameVenom Repository
Working Kodi URLhttps://123venom.github.io/
CountriesWhole World

#5. Magic Dragon

Best Kodi Addons

Magic Dragon is also a popular Kodi addon which helps you watch unlimited documentaries, Films, Sports, web series for that matter. You should always use VPN to protect your data. Because they include lots of ads in their repository to make money.

Its easy to watch content and search your fav content in magic dragon, but make sure not to watch any copyrighted videos, because it might give you some trouble.

Repository NameEzzer Macs Wizard
Working Kodi URLhttps://ezzer-mac.com/repo
CountriesWhole World

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Final Thoughts

There are many Kodi addons that comes and goes. However, I found these to be the best Kodi addons that are working and will be working for longer time as well. If you know any good repository other than above links then you can comment below to share that repository with the world. Share this article with your friend so that they can also know best addons of Kodi.

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