How to Watch Flixtor on Smart TV 2024

Quickly: How to Watch Flixtor on Smart TV (Only for those who has less time)

One of the free streaming platforms that is accessible in every region of the world is called Flixtor. You are able to watch movies on Flixtor by utilizing either the official website or the application version of the service.

The Flixtor app is not currently accessible for Android TVs or TV Boxes, which is a great disappointment. If you want to view Flixtor Movies on your Android TV, you will need to use the Downloader app to transfer the APK file to your device.

It is also possible to cast the Flixtor app or website onto your Android TV if you have a smartphone.

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Flixtor is an amazing platform to watch or stream content for free, however they also offer Flixtor VIP membership that includes lots of benefits like high quality streaming, new content every week, etc. If you are wondering how can you watch Flixtor on Smart TV then here is the guide that you need to follow.

But Accessing Flixtor requires Premium VPN, I have tested ExpressVPN and it perfectly blends with Smart TV with highest speed touching 100mbps. You can also take Free Trial of ExpressVPN to test it out for yourself.

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How to Watch Flixtor on Smart TV with Browser

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There are lots of browser on the play store of Android Smart TV, just download any of them and after that I will teach you how can you access Flixtor in Android Smart Tv.

#1. Open Play Store on Android Smart TV

#2. Search for Chrome Browser

#3. Install Chrome Browser

#4. For Accessing you will need a premium VPN

#5. So Take Free Trial of ExpressVPN

#6. Install VPN on Smart TV and connect it to any server that works the best in my case US, UK works perfectly well.

#7. Then go to any of the mirror site of Flixtor such as,,,, etc.

#8. Now you will see Home page of Flixtor

#9. Search whatever you wanna watch and enjoy streaming Flixtor on Smart TV.

How to Cast Flixtor on Android Smart TV

Casting might not help you seamless streaming as it might stutter or lag while casting but not while streaming. So I won’t suggest you to Cast, However if you still wanna see the process then follow the guide below.

#1. Make Sure your Phone and Smart TV is connected to same WiFi Network.

#2. For Accessing Flixtor of course you will need a premium VPN.

#3. So take Free Trial of ExpressVPN

#4. Now Open that VPN and connect it to your preference server.

#5. Open in your Android or IOS phone.

#6. Search for any series or movie and start streaming.

#7. Now, from notification center select Cast option.

#8. From there choose your TV and accept whatever it asks for.

#9. That’s it start Casting Flixtor on your Smart TV.


So this was the guide on how to watch flixtor on Android Smart Tv, if you have any question or issues you can comment or mail us to get your problems fixed. Till the mean time you can check one of the top VPNs of the market.

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