How to Watch Ashes Series from AnyWhere 2023

Cricket fans know the importance of the Ashes. It always happens between Australia and the UK.

This Series is one of the best series to watch as they have old rivalry of cricket and their way of cricket, competitiveness is really tough. I really enjoy watching Ashes but problem arises when it is Geo blocked in your Country. So it is difficult to watch Ashes if you are not from Australia or UK.

One Answer to this tough question is Premium VPN. All you need is VPN to watch Ashes anywhere. However, there are many VPNs out there in the market if you don’t know which one to choose then I am here to help you select the Best VPN to stream Ashes and that is ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch Ashes in Simple Steps (Australia server)

You can easily watch Ashes in Channel9, all Ashes test cricket will streaming on Channel9. Well All you need is Premium VPN to access channel9 with Australian IP Address.

#1. Get a Good VPN: I will be recommending ExpressVPN as I have tested it myself, and it works real good.

#2. Connect with any of the Australian Server

#3. Go to and search for channel9 there.

#4. That’s it, Enjoy Watching Ashes with VPN.

How to Watch Ashes in Simple Steps (UK Server)

For UK servers you will have to take Subscription of Sky Sports platform. They offer daily, weekly, monthly premium subscriptions to choose from. However, if you don’t want to take premium membership then you can also watch for free on Australian server like I have explained above.

#1. Get a Premium VPN: I always suggest my readers to have ExpressVPN in your arsenal.

#2. Connect with any of the UK server.

#3. Just Login to your Sky Sports site.

#4. Now search there for Ashes.

#5. Voila! You are good to go and watch your Fav Ashes on the spot.

Can you Watch Ashes with Free VPN?

No, Well many people ask this question because they don’t want to invest their money.

If you watch from Free VPN then you will face constant buffering, disconnection, security issues, privacy being sold to big companies, etc.

so Always have premium VPN they secure your data, speed is ultra fast, no buffering, no disconnection. Premium VPN works smooth as butter with unlimited bandwidth as well.

Why You need VPN to Watch Ashes?

If you are from Australia or UK, then you will know there is no issues while accessing Ashes series. However, when you travel to different country then they have geo restricted Ashes from being watched by other countries.

But You can still watch it with VPN. VPN gives you freedom of traveling and still broadcasting companies thinks that you are present in either UK or Australia. As they connect your internet with Australia or UK server, so your IP’s location will be of UK or Australia.

Its that simple that’s why you should use VPN.


So Now you know the importance of Ashes and how a VPN helps you stream your fav Ashes series.

In my Opinion ExpressVPN works best with UK or Australian server that’s why you should take free trial before paying anything.

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