How to watch “FRIENDS” from Anywhere 2023

There are a variety of platforms to watch any show, series, or drama online.

Some are paid, and some are free.

Most of the time, the platforms require a premium membership to watch any available content.

There are various plans available to get a premium membership on any binge-watching platform, namely – Netflix, Prime by Amazon, Hotstar, MX Player Media, or YouTube (though it is not paid and is free, but generally all series or dramas are unavailable sometimes). 

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These platforms are actually worth paying for, as the amount of content that is added and the quality of it are also works of art that require a lot of efforts and hard work, done by the actors, directors, and various staff members associated with them, who are also paid with these revenues. Along with that, some movies or series are only uploaded on one of the platforms and are given copyright so that no other platform displays it as theirs, and they are the only ones earning from that.

Like any other series, there is this one named “ FRIENDS”. It is available on Netflix, on Prime by Amazon, and also on the local platform – HBO’s streaming service.

How to watch Friends on Netflix

If you have a mobile phone – then download it from Play store if you are using Android phone or from Apple store if you are using Apple phone or from Store if you are using windows phone.

If you are using a computer, personal computer, or MacBook, download it from the store – just search for Netflix and then download it.

After downloading it, you have to make an account.

If you are creating a new account, go for “new sign up,” or if you already have an account and want to just log in to it, then just go for “log in to existing account.”

First of all you have to enter your Username (if you are not registered then add on, if it already exists then you have to get a new one, but if you are register then you would already be having it)

Register your account by signing up with either your e-mail address or your phone number.

 It would then verify your respective information (if an email ID is given, then a verification email would be sent to your respective email ID; just follow the steps and you are registered.) ( if you have given your phone number then you shall get a OTP code on your respective phone number that you have given, just enter it after that and your account has been created.)

After that, you would be directed to the payment mode selection for having the subscription with various plans for 6 months, a year, or so.

You have to give your debit or credit card details so as to pay the amount, and thanks to technology, you will be paying the amount automatically from next time as it is programmed to have sufficient information for getting it paid for.

After that, you are almost done with the streaming; just select your preferences, like the language, genres, and so on.

Now you just have to search “Friends” on the search bar, and you are ready to stream it online.

If you want, you may download it as well, and you can watch it whenever you want to.

If you want to watch Friends on Prime by Amazon

First of all, you have to have an Amazon account for that. Go and register on Amazon if you have not already done so.

After that, you just have to download Prime by Amazon from the store.

 Follow up the steps

First decide an appropriate Username, 

Get your email or phone number verified, 

Have an strong password to secure your account,

Do the purchase or subscription procedure. Add your debit card or credit card details or your bank details as per your convenience. Then set up the payment method, and it will automatically pay from the next time after its deadline.

Set your preferences of watching or streaming,

You are ready to watch; just search for it and enjoy.


Now it is possible to watch any series, drama, movie, or other related video online anytime and from anywhere.

You can watch “Friends” or stream it anywhere on Netflix or Prime by Amazon online, or you could just download it and keep it in your respective account’s download list and watch it later whenever you want to.

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