How to Watch the Netball World Cup From Anywhere 2023

Netball is an amazing sport and fans should watch this in the world cup. However, there are some part of the world where they don’t have license to broadcast NetBall World Cup.

So the Main question is how can you watch netball world cup if it is not available in your country or the country you have travelled to?


You can easily watch netball world cup with the help of VPN. If you are already in Australia then you can watch it without the need of VPN. But you will have to use premium VPN otherwise you may have some privacy issues.

ExpressVPN Free Trial

As Free VPNs always sell their data to third party advertisers. So ethically it is not free they are using your data to earn money.

How to Watch the Netball World Cup From Anywhere

#1. Get a VPN

If you haven’t used VPN before then you will get to know more about it right here. In my tests ExpressVPN stands out the most and it did the job very well. Their Australian servers are fast and secure so you can trust them. If you don’t want to continue even then you also get refund from them.

But just take free trail first and then decide if it fits your needs or not.

NetBall World Cup streams on 9NOW website and cable. However, 9NOW is only accessible in Australia if you try to open outside Australia then it won’t open.

That’s where VPN comes into play. It will connect you to australian servers making 9NOW believe that you are visiting from Australia, infact you are not.

ExpressVPN is expert when it comes to unblock GEO restriction, you can always count on.

#2. Install VPN

After downloading ExpressVPN just install it as usual. It works for every platform out there like Android, Windows, IOS, Macbook, Chromebook, etc.

So you don’t have to worry about anything.

#3. Connect to Australian Server

After Installing, just connect it to any Australian Server.

You will have to access 9NOW after that, just visit there. And you will see that you can visit that website.

#4. Create Free Account on 9NOW

Now, that you have unblocked geo restriction and successfully visited 9NOW.

All you have to do is just create a Free Account on 9NOW. That will work with the help of your email ID.

However, if you still can’t access 9NOW then restart VPN and try reconnecting VPN to other cities of Australia.

#4. Stream Netball Worldcup or any other Games or Sports you like

Now you have fastest VPN to begin with you can easily watch or stream Netball world cup without any lag or buffer.

Even 9NOW website won’t be able to recognise that if you have visited from somewhere else other than Australia.

Can I use Free VPN to watch Netball World Cup?

No, As it will be slow and will have privacy concerns. That are going to create issues for you.

You should always use Premium VPN to access 9NOW website and stream netball world cup. It will be fast smooth, and privacy protected.

ExpressVPN turns out to be the best VPN to stream netball world cup.

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