How to Watch Billions Season 1 – 4 on NetFlix from Anywhere 2023

Any Billions series fan knows the importance of sticking with it until the end. However, if you have moved or traveled to a different country where Billions is geo-restricted, then you will be annoyed.

Anyways I am here to tell you how you can watch Billions from any country. Billions is available on Netflix with limited number of country has access of it. Such as:

  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  • Hong Kong
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Mexico
  • Argentina

So if you are not from above list then you will simply need VPN to bypass the restriction and stream Billions smoothly. I have tested many VPNs but ExpressVPN stands out clear winner with everything top notch from speed, security, privacy, unlimited bandwidth, ease of use, etc.

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How to Watch Billions On Netflix?

How to watch billions

There are many VPNs out there, free vpn, cheap vpn, offering unlimited bandwidth, etc. But you can always face privacy issues because they sell their customer’s data to advertising companies. That’s how they make money so always choose premium VPN to avoid these kind of issues.

#1. Download Premium VPN: In my case ExpressVPN is best and worked out pretty easy.

#2. Install VPN in your system. Either it is Android, IOS or Windows, Mac, etc.

#3. Connect to Any of the Japanese Server.

#4. Visit and search for Billions.

#5. That’s it, you can easily access billions without any issues.

Why need VPN to Watch Billions?

Well, as you already know netflix has geo restricted this series to limited countries. Because of some licensing agreements, so you will have to choose VPN, it will change your IP location and Netflix will think you are in Japan.

So they will start showing your Billions. Its that easy.

Can I watch Billions with Free VPN?

No, You should never take free VPN. Because it is not secured enough as premium VPNs are. They will sell your data, moreover you have no control over any vpn protocols.

There will be no encryption to safeguard your identity. In short it is not worth wasting time on Free ones. Get Premium VPN and start enjoying the best Billion show on netflix without any hassel.

Which VPN is Best to Watch Billions?

As I have tested many VPNs, ExpressVPN was the one with great features and awesome experience. They are also prompt with their customer service. So if you as a particular person don’t like their service you can always take refund.


Now you know everything how a vpn helps you watch billions show on netflix. You don’t have to do fancy stuff just download and install good vpn to ensure your privacy and security with awesome speed to matchup the pace of Billions.

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