How to watch American Netflix from anywhere 2023

Netflix is one of the most popular American subscription streaming services and production companies, based in Los Gatos, California. Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, It has 222 million subscribers worldwide.

With a revenue of 29.7 billion USD, this multinational company is ranked 115th on the Fortune 500 and 219th on the Forbes Global 2000. It is the second-largest entertainment/media business by market capitalization as of February 2022. is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, in Santa Clara County.

Much of Netflix’s content is geography-restricted; one can only watch the library of content that’s available in their country. Even if you try to log in to Netflix US from any country, say Australia or India, you will automatically be redirected to the library of the country you’re trying to access Netflix from. Due to licensing deals, many movies and TV shows are only available in the United States. Netflix has different libraries for each country where the service is available.

Each country’s content archive tends to be distinct. So, a film that isn’t available on Netflix UK might be on Netflix US, or vice versa.

 seems unfair that you pay similar prices to US customers but don’t get the same content. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” These are tools that route your internet connection through one or multiple servers to disguise your location. No matter where you are in France, India, or Egypt, a VPN will make you appear like you are in California or New York City.

How to Watch American Netflix with VPN

How to Watch American Netflix with VPN

VPNs are easily available, but there is a risk associated with them as they put your privacy and security at stake. You have to be very careful when choosing your VPN. You will have to check the reviews of all the VPNs available and then decide which is best for yourself. Some of them are NordVPN and express VPN. 

Download and install the software.

Connect to a server in the US, or whichever country’s Netflix you’d like to watch. Most providers will give some suggestions as to which servers are the fastest or have the fewest users connected. Use this to make sure you get a reliable Internet connection.

Having a large number of servers around the world is one of the aspects that distinguishes an okay VPN from a really good one, as this will allow you to watch Netflix in a greater number of countries and also help keep streaming speeds blazing fast.

Log in or register a Netflix account.

Download and install a VPN that can change the Netflix region.

Sign up for your VPN service on the gadget you’ll be watching Netflix on.

Connect via VPN to the server in a country where Netflix has the content you want to watch.

Open Netflix, and you’ll be diverted to the country site for the selected server.

However, over the years, Netflix has gotten good at recognizing when a viewer is using a VPN, so it may be probable that you will have to enter 2-3 VPNs. 

Can I Watch American Netflix with Free VPN?

No, You should never watch Anything with Free VPN. As they sell your data to third party and their speed, bandwidth are also very low.

You should always consider premium VPN as they offer support as well and you also get free trial. If you don’t like their service you can also take refund in that case.

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