How to Watch Australian Open Live Free 2023

As a tennis fan, I always wait for the Australian Open Championship. However, it’s difficult to watch when you are outside Australia because broadcasters have blocked their sites for outsiders to stream.

But I have got best way to watch Australian Open Grand Slam championship. All you gotta do is have best quality VPN so that you can stream this tennis championship, As I have tested almost 10 VPNs, I can surely say ExpressVPN does the job very well in unblocking all the Geo restrictions.

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How to Watch or Stream Australian Open Live

How to watch Australia Open Live

You will need High Speed Australian VPN; without a VPN, you can’t watch it as it is geo-restricted.

I tested ExpressVPN and it worked Perfectly well with Australian server and I got speed around 90mbps.

After having VPN, Connect it to the Australian Server.

Now go to

Search there for Australia Open Live, and start Streaming your fav thing without any buffer or geo restriction.

With the help of this method you can easily bypass to Australian servers.

Australia Open Live Stream

Why You need VPN to Watch Australia Open?

Well, because of Licensing issues. Official broadcasters have to show only in certain Areas where they are allowed to showcase.

They Block every other Region, so that they don’t have any legal issues.

So If you want to watch Australia Open then you will have to bypass geo restriction.

You can only do it with premium VPN services.

Can I Watch Australia Open with Free VPN?

No, As free VPN have your privacy information they can sell that to advertisers.

Moreover, they don’t have that much good speed and quality of the servers located in Australia itself.

So, Always get premium VPN, In my case ExpressVPN works best without any buffer or security issues. They use military grade protection to protect your identity.

And If you get any trouble they have 24/7 Support at all times, you can ask questions, if you don’t like their service. You can also ask for refund.

See its that easy!


Now, you understood everything to stream Australia open in your laptop, pc, phone.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments section below. I will surely try to answer your issues.

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