How to Watch NBA All Star Game From Anywhere 2023

If you are fan of Basket Ball then you are always eager to watch NBA All Star, It doesn’t matter where you live but its always fascinating to watch All Star Season. However, majority of the Countries are blocked from broadcasting NBA All Star.

Well, the Question arises how can you watch NBA All star if your Country is blocked? Only 1 Answer VPN.

But there are many VPNs out there Free VPN, Paid VPN, cheap vpns, etc. Moreover, those VPN might work or some of them don’t work at all, some of them has issues of speed, ping, security, etc.

That’s Why I have tested more than 10 VPN for you to choose the Best VPN to watch NBA All Star and from them #1 VPN is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Free Trial

Where to Watch NBA All Star Game

There are many places to watch NBA basket ball game, but I will tell you the best platforms where it gets broadcasted.

  • TNT (US)
  • TSN (Canada)
  • Sky Sports (UK)
  • DAZN (Germany)

How to Watch NBA All STAR in TNT (US)

TNT is official broadcaster of NBA All Star. TNT Channel is in Hulu TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV, you will have to take subscription of their service in order to watch.

#1. Download VPN – For me ExpressVPN works best in terms of speed and security.

#2. Just Connect to Any of the US Server.

#3. Open your streaming service Like Hulu, sling, youtube

#4. Select TNT Channel.

#5. That’s it, Enjoy watching your NBA All Star.

How to Watch NBA All Star in TSN (Canada)

You will need Canadian Cable TV network connection. Just Ask any service provider near you in canada they will install the connection.

#1. Download VPN: As you already Know ExpressVPN Works best for NBA All star, so download and install this VPN.

#2. Choose any server in Canada.

#3. Open there you will see live Tab open it, and sign in with your Canadian Cable TV network.

#4. That’s it, Watch your NBA All star with Popcorn and drinks.

How to Watch NBA All Star in Sky Sports (UK)

There is a subscription for Sky Sports, so you will have to buy it. However, if you only wants to watch NBA then you can take daily, weekly, or monthly plans as well.

#1. Download VPN: ExpressVPN was exceptional when I tested among 10 VPNs of the market.

#2. Install and Open your VPN.

#3. Select Servers in UK.

#4. Open Sky Sports and sign in there with your credentials.

#5. Watch your NBA All star game.

How to Watch NBA All Star in DAZN (Germany)

In this DAZN, you will need monthly membership plans. If you take monthly or yearly then you get 1 month free trial as well. But all the language will be of german language if you don’t understand German then take UK or US subscription.

#1. Download VPN: Among all the best VPN, ExpressVPN stands out the most.

#2. Install and Open your VPN, Now select any servers from Germany.

#3. Go to DAZN and sign in with your login id.

#4. Enjoy your NBA All Star Game.


NBA All Star is in DNA for every basket ball fan out there. I am one of them, I always loved Kobe Bryant’s Gameplay. His passes, rebounds, game changing spirit.

You will always need VPN to watch NBA All Star if you are living in blocked country. In my Opinion, ExpressVPN is best when it comes to unblock NBA All star.

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