How to Watch WrestleMania If it is Blocked 2023

You might be wondering how you can watch your favourite Wrestlemania if it is blocked. Well, the answer is very simple.

You can use VPN to access wrestlemania and watch full stream with it, however you need a good bandwidth vpn to stream it online.

Most of the tutorials are misleading and they won’t tell you the exact way to unblock your location. You can easily install a good vpn, it will hide your location and connect it to the US servers.

Moreover, if you think every vpn will unblock wrestle mania then this is not the case, only top 3 VPN are here that will unblock anything along with your wrestle mania, wwe, and peacock network.

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Why Need VPN to Watch WrestleMania?

Wrestle Mania is fun to watch but if it is geo block in your country that’s the most annoying part.

Well that being said:

You will obviously need VPN as peacock is the official broadcaster of wrestle mania and they have some copyright and license issues so they block most of the countries from streaming.


You can also use WWE Network around the globe, however their cost is little high and you its not worth giving money away when there are other good methods.

Like you can choose a solid vpn, then choose Malaysia country’s location after that use some fake local address of malaysia, from that thing you will same some bucks.

Most Importantly use peacock with Express VPN so you won’t have to pay anything to those broadcasters. All you gotta use is premium vpn so they never block you from watching anything on the internet.

Just select US server through that VPN and then you are good to go.

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FAQ (for WrestleMania with VPN)

Can I Watch WrestleMania for free?

You can watch the recorded sessions in peacock network, however if you want to watch it live then you will have to pay them their monthly plans. However if you want to watch latest events then you will have to wait for weeks for them to add it to the library.

If you want to take their monthly package then you will need a US Bank account, in that case you don’t have one because you are accessing peacock through VPN. But you can use Google Play or iTunes credit and after that your subscription will be up and running.

How Can I Watch WrestleMania without Peacock?

If you are not from US then you can watch it from WWE network, this network is present in the most countries. But the prices are high because they are the only one and they have monopoly over their pricing.

I have 1 solution you can just install VPN and connect it with countries like Malaysia and add local address of it (Just search in google for Malaysia fake address generator). After that you will get some discount for WWE membership.


Now that you know every possible way to watch WrestleMania if you are not from US. I’ve also told you how you can save money while getting a WWE subscription.

If you have any questions or are having trouble installing a VPN, just comment down below and our team will help you install it perfectly and show you how you can watch wrestle mania from anywhere.

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