Will WindScribe Works with Netflix? 2023

As Windscribe said, it works best with Netflix, so Trestle Gallery is here to give it a try and test the whole thing from a user point of view.

Well, if you are getting issues with Windscribe to watch netflix, then you will have to Connect to other servers, or you can find the same content on different Netflix Region.

They have made their servers specifically for netflix, and optimized them to run Netflix smoothly.

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WindScribe Pricing for Netflix

Well, they have tailored pricing for certain ott platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO max, etc.

You can get 1 server for 1$ per month that’s how flexible the plans are. You can watch anything on Netflix and unblock any exclusive content on Netflix with the help of Windscribe servers. Those are custom plans however you can get basic pricing for 3$/m.

So We bought 2 servers for netflix 1 for US and another for Canada. They worked perfectly well.

WindFlix Servers Unblocks Netflix (Will it work?)

If you wonder what windflix servers are? Well, Windflix servers are only for pro accounts. So if you don’t have pro Windscribe account you won’t be able to access Windflix Locations.

We connected to US server and started Watching The Suits. To My surprise it worked awesome without any buffer with High Video quality.

After watching 3 episodes I went to try for Canada server that I opted, and started streaming Money Heist and it also worked pretty well.

As you can see for 3$/m you can access to different country’s Netflix Libraries. That too with awesome quality and good speed.

Will Windscribe Free VPN Works with Netflix?

We tested Pro Windscribe and Free Windscribe as well to show you how these things work.

When I connected to free servers and I opened netflix, I was constantly getting proxy errors, because all the Free VPNs out there don’t use military grade encryption they always use proxy to divert.

Most of them has same IP address as well so it is easy for netflix to identify that you are trying to manipulate their site.

Even I tried multiple free servers for the sake of trying and I got the same error Pardon the Interruption

So if you want to access multiple netflix libraries you will need to have a paid version of Windscribe which works with Windflix servers.

WindFlix Working Locations

Windscribe has mentioned that they have dedicated US, UK, Canada servers that will work the best.

However, after testing it out I came to know that it also works with Japan as well. Windflix is paid version so make sure to utilize it if you have paid version of Windscribe account.

How Netflix knows your are using VPN?

Netflix is far bigger than any other ott platform and there are 100s of cyber engineers are working day and night so that no one can abuse their system.

That’s why they gather certain IP address patterns and mostly free vpns are easy to track, so they block that proxy ip.

And you won’t be able to bypass geo restrictions from netflix as most free vpns give static IP to access sites unlike paid versions. They have dynamic IPs they constantly change so Netflix can’t identify them as VPN.


In my opinion, Windscribe works best if you have paid version. You will not have to connect everytime it disconnects. This is the best way to access Netflix without any errors or issues.

Share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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