DramaFever Alternatives to Watch Korean Dramas 2024

Quickly: DramaFever Alternatives to Watch Korean Dramas (Only for those who has less time)

By providing access to Korean dramas, Japanese and Chinese soap operas, and English subtitles, it is a fantastic platform for watching these types of shows. Content that has just been released is frequently uploaded to the DramaCool website. Additionally, you have the ability to request that the website stream your preferred Korean drama.

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DramaFever was an acclaimed streaming portal popular for delivering Korean dramas and other Asian entertainment content. Sadly, it shut down its operations in 2018, leaving its adherents in distress. Fortunately, there are many other options available on the web for fans of K-dramas looking for alternatives. In this piece, we will consider some worthy DramaFever replacers.

DramaFever Alternatives to Watch Korean Dramas


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Viki has earned renown as one of the top alternatives to DramaFever catering to people who are fond of Korean dramas and other Asian videos such as Chinese and Taiwanese collections. This platform boasts a broad library that contains some of the most-watched series in the genre. Besides its abundant selection of content, what sets Viki apart is its huge community of users who enhance the movies with subtitles and translations into multiple languages, making them accessible to millions across the globe.

The user-generated subtitles and translations that Viki provides have made it highly appealing to viewers who aren’t fluent in the language spoken in the original media material. This service can be accessed without any cost however premium subscriptions are necessary to get rid of advertisements and also gain exclusive access to video clips which aren’t available to free adherents.


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Kocowa is a streaming service that specializes in Korean dramas, show programs, and K-pop content. This platform is a result of a combining effort between the three major South Korean broadcast companies: KBS, MBC, and SBS. As an outcome, Kocowa sports a wide inventory of Korean shows plus newly updated episodes after airing them in their birthplace nation – South Korea. The website is obtainable in two countries – US and Canada – and customers can pick either monthly or annual plans.


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Netflix’s widespread fame as a streaming service also extends to providing Korean dramas among its varied catalog of content. It has an area specific for Korean programs consisting both current and classic titles including notable names like Crash Landing on You, Kingdom, Itaewon Class, Sweet Home composed by Netflix itself as well as Love Alarm among others. It is reachable in more than 190 countries all over the world making it an ideal option for viewers overseas too. 


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OnDemandKorea is another favored streaming service particularly best known for its contribution towards Korean dramas, vaudeville shows, and K-pop clips. It has become a key destination for fans hailing from US/Canada specifically as it provides both free as well as premier subscriptions.

The portal has packed library of Korean videos which includes recently aired dramas accompanied by exciting K-pop tracks plus renowned variety shows all updated at regular interval with new episodes promptly after premiering them in South Korea like always – something which has been a staple for this site attracting plenty of patrons each day!

Premier subscription erases adds from content which is plus point plus it also locks exclusive video material unavailable to non-payers making it worth considering extra expense by die-hard connoisseurs looking forward preferred viewing experience without ads disturbed viewing pleasure! Whether one chooses to pay or continue without premium membership plan; OnDemandKorea still provides users enough free material – thus being an excellent budget pick up! 

All in all, OnDemandKorea intends a huge smorgasbord of Korean entertainment pieces including exiting shows and engaging performance with frequent updates preventing any fatique related boredom among subscribers further cementing its reputation here thanks to varied payment plans (premium/free) value added benefits!


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AsianCrush is a renowned streaming platform that specializes in providing Asian content to subscribers located in the US and Canada. Of all its offers, Korean Dramas have received the biggest acclaim among viewers everywhere. Moreover, the site also features a wide variety of entertainment from China and Japan.

AsianCrush has an expansive library of K-Dramas that is available to clients through both its free and premium plans. Subscribers of the Premium plan will be able to enjoy their dramas free of ads, as well as gain exclusive access to content not included in the free plan.

The website stands out for its high-quality streaming service, which permits spectators to savor their preferred Korean dramas and other Asian content with unparalleled quality. The site is designed to be user-friendly with an efficient search and filter function, enabling easy access to the desired collections.

To sum it up, AsianCrush is a sought-after streaming service focusing on offering Asian content particularly Korean Dramas for users in America and Canada. It provides viewers with a comprehensive bibliography of material and premium features that have made it a go-to destination for fans of Korean Dramas and everything else Asian entertainment has to present.


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Hulu is an established streaming service better known for its wide compilation of captivating shows. Recently, Korean dramas have gained massive popularity around the world which has even led to Hulu embracing this type of content by including it within its diverse range. On Hulu one can come across some of the most renowned Korean titles such as Boys Over Flowers, My Love From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea among many others.

Apart from having licensed Korean-based series, Hulu has also proven its commitment towards producing flawless original material originating from Korea such as 11.22.63 influenced by Stephen King’s bestseller novel. This quickly became one of many accomplishments achieved by Hulu due to its effort in delivering content tailored to a global audience resulting in immense success in both Japan and United States.

Thanks to Hulu’s wide array of titles comprised mainly by classic and modern Korean dramas series, it has now become a prime source for anybody looking for this kind of content worldwide. Additionally, producing high-quality original Korean programs further declares Hulu’s determination in providing audiences with selected captivating material continually because they know no barriers when it comes down to entertaining people outside their regular anime niche content.


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Crunchyroll is an online streaming solution mostly dedicated to fulfilling the needs of anime fans everywhere but with a vast selection including various types of series such as rare Japanese anime titles as well as some limited offering related to Korean drama franchises too.

Its popularity has even spread outside North America reaching places like US and Canada becoming a go-to spot for anyone looking for anime shows throughout all these countries without any difficulty whatsoever which proves the remarkable job Crunchyroll has done so far concerning their streaming services from day one when they first began operation over a decade ago until today’s present time when subscription rates just keep on growing like there’s no tomorrow plus gaining more admirers all around the globe every day that passes by like clockwork without fail 24/7 nonstop 365 days all throughout each year with no exceptions whatsoever on any day you can think about no matter how random it might seem or look like at first glance sight unseen when you decide to give Crunchyroll one try just like that almost effortlessly out of nowhere shazam!

In short short form you get what you pay for when you subscribe right here especially considering all their available exquisite packages if applicable whenever applicable depending on many factors except only time will tell so keep your eyes peeled because who knows what’s coming next?!

Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming platform which provides a wide variety of content, including Korean dramas. Adoring viewers of Korean cinematography can find an entire section devoted to dramas, featuring both timeless classics as well as new titles. A few of the best-rated dramas on Amazon Prime Video would be Boys Over Flowers, Cinderella and the Four Knights, and Descendants of the Sun. It is available in numerous countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and India.

Rakuten Viki

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Rakuten Viki furnishes another popular streaming hub for Korean dramas and other content from Asia. It has vast library which comprises not only Korean dramas but also Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese shows as well. Viki has both free and superior plans; through the superior plan users can be free from ads with privileged access to unique content and interact with a devoted community centered around captions or translations in myriad languages.

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